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I want to Follow @ThanMerrill - Than Merrill, the star of A&E's "Flip This House" and founder of CT Homes, LLC and is one of the most successful real estate investors in the nation. Than is known as the "king of marketing" when it comes to finding under market value properties.

I want to Follow @pesajian - Paul Esajian, Co-Founder of FortuneBuilders Inc. and CFO of CT Homes, LLC is one of nationís premier young real estate investors and speakers. His ideas for building a business have been used to develop CT Homes into the premier real estate solutions company in Connecticut and the New England area, which resulted in him and his team being featured on a popular flipping houses reality show.

Paul also loves to play bachi ball on the weekends! In fact, he has been quoted in the local newspaper for saying that "bachi ball is almost as tough as Mixed Martial Arts."
I want to Follow @konradlive - Konrad Sopielnikow, COO of FortuneBuilders Inc. and CT Homes, LLC is the master of business technology. As an integral organizer of the business Konrad has leveraged technology to put the business on auto-pilot. His systems are what have allowed CT Homes, LLC and FortuneBuilders to achieve exponential growth in just a few short years. Staying ahead of industry trends, he is an innovative pioneer who intergrates real estate and technology to consistently explode profits. Last but not least, Konrad played a key role in setting up corporate structure and managing private investor relations.

He also loves salsa dancing and has by far the best "swivel" hips in the office.
I want to Follow @jdesajian - JD Esajian, star of a popular flipping houses reality show, is head project manager of CT Homes LLC, a multi-million dollar real estate investing company located in San Diego, CA and as well as a national speaker with FortuneBuilders Inc, a real estate educational training company. He, along business partner Than Merrill and brother Paul Esajian are some of the nationís most successful investors and are considered elite experts in buying, fixing, and selling properties.

JD also uses "Soul Glow" to keep his hair so shiny!